Forum Rules - PLEASE READ!!!!

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Forum Rules - PLEASE READ!!!!

Postby FilangAdminTeam » Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:27 pm

FilipinoAnglers.Org is an online portal for the Next Generation Filipino Anglers. It seeks to connect the Philippines with anglers from around the world, to highlight what our waters have to offer and to promote responsible fishing and camaraderie among anglers.


1) Postings and Content
• The forum has been organized into sub forums to make it easier for people to find information. Members may post Fishing Related and Out of Topic discussions but these must be on the correct subforums.
• When commenting, stay on topic. Questions and comments should be relevant to the thread.
• All posts are to be positive, constructive, and on topic. Individual posts that could ruin a good topic thread will be automatically deleted. Opinions and ideas are most welcome, but you should not force it on anyone.
• Short congratulatory remarks and humor are tolerated but these will be the first ones to be pruned off during Database Maintenance as they have minimal informative content. Extremely short ones such as smilies, laughs etc. are on top priority for pruning.
• Please refrain from using ALL CAPS when posting. We all know you are educated enough to know how to type and hit the submit button. But please be warned that posting with "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS" means you are shouting and "PoStInG LiKe ThIs" means you're on drugs. We want everyone to be able to read all your posts and opinions the way ladies and gentlemen with proper etiquette would.
• Do not use extremely small fonts to "whisper". This may be interpreted as directly proportional to your intellectual abilities. Use the PM function.
• No text lingo please. (i.e. substituting u for you, wer for where etc.)
• Posting of lewd and pornographic images is not allowed. Sexy pics are strongly discouraged.
• Flooding the forum with advertisements, solicitations and promotional products not related to the sport is not allowed.
• Consenting to illegal fishing abilities, catching endangered species and the like are strictly prohibited. However, reports of such to raise awareness are encouraged.
• Any personal disputes among members should be dealt with via email or PMs. Postings relating to such will automatically be deleted by the Administrators and the membership of the concerned parties will be dealt with accordingly.
• The Filipino Anglers and it’s members prefer to be referred to as FILIPINO or FILIPINOS rather than P I N O Y or P I N O Y S. The forum’s engine is set to filter and change the word P I N O Y to FILIPINO automatically.

1.a Commercial Transactions and Trading
• The forum has a Trading Post subforum where forum members can buy and sell items, whether fishing related or not.
• Sellers are expected to not overprice their goods while buyers should keep their word when reserving an item.
• The forum Admin and Moderators team are not liable for any issues that may come out of these transactions.
• All items that are being posted for sale should indicate their offered price and discounts, if any.

2) Language
• The use of ENGLISH IS STRICTLY ENCOURAGED as this is the language of the world and the forum is in the WORLD WIDE WEB.
• Tagalog posts in English threads are tolerated but should not be excessive. If the thread is primarily in Tagalog, it will be moved to the Tambayang Makabayan subforum.
• As a courtesy to the thread starter, if he posts a question in English, all responses should also be primarily in English.

We encourage the use of English for the following reasons:
- It allows you to reach a greater audience in the world wide web since more people will understand what you posted.
- This enables you to get responses even from non Tagalog speakers and eventually learn more from their inputs.
- Actively posting in English flexes your language skills and makes you, not just a better angler, but a better communicator too.
- The forum moderators and admins recognize that English is the language of the world and we want to keep abreast with the times.

• Profanities, name calling, flaming, discrimination, vulgarities and abusive languages will not be tolerated. Everyone should be treated with respect.
• Personal attacks on other users or staff members either in public forums or private messages will not be tolerated. No references to height / weight / size / facial features / family trees / any other particulars will be allowed.

3) Spamming
• The email and PM functions should not be used for sending mass messages especially those that sell, recruit or promote another site.
• Any Member who receives unsolicited emails/PMs should immediately report to the Admin/Mods.
• Offenders will be immediately banned.

4) Authority and Disciplinary Actions
• Administration of the forum is not based on the discretion of a lone individual.
• The Admin and Moderators Team was formed to keep the forum relevant, informative and fun. Like any forum member, they are to be treated with respect. However, they are authorized to administer the forum and carry out disciplinary actions when needed.
• Avoid flamebaiting and challenging their authority in public.
• If any member would have any issues with the Administrators and/or moderators, our services, rules and regulations, please use the PM function or email. But please bear in mind that the person concerned might not be able to immediately act upon your issues as he might have some better things to do.
• Administrators and Moderators have been given the right to warn a member breaching any of the rules stated here.
• Repeat offenders will be deliberated upon by the Admin Team and appropriate actions will be taken. 3 consecutive ignored warnings warrant permanent banning.

5) Compliance
• Compliance to the above rules is MANDATORY and applies to all.

6) Disclaimer
• The Admin and Moderators Team have no absolute control over forum members and as such, cannot in any way be held liable over any legal violations committed by the latter.[
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